The Beginning of New Journey


It all started off on 30th August 2018 which was my last day at work and ready to travel the world.  Later on the same day, I was at the airport to start my journey into the new beginning.

Below is a copy of my farewell email to my colleagues and I do get plenty of replied emails, messages, and phone calls.  Some envied me, some were sad, some were shocked, some were disappointed because I was a lil secretive about it up to last minute.  But hey, it is not the end of the world and I know we all would meet again.  It is just the end of an era and I am bound to start with a new journey.


“Dear Colleagues,

It is hard to believe that it has been 11  years filled with ups and downs and meaningful experience in this organisation.  From Customer Service Representative for Exxon Mobil and Shell Accounts, Sales Executive for Strategic Account, QEHS Executive until EHS Leader; the amount of knowledge and the people I have met are just priceless.  Parting is difficult but after serious deliberation and I have  decided to leave the organisation effective by 31st August 2018, hence 30th August is the last day since 31st is a public holiday for Malaysia.

 I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everybody who knew me, be it personally or via email/tele-conference/skype in my journey with Johnson Controls.  I would also want to apologise if I’ve wronged any of you in any possible way. 

 EG, Fakhrul & Ciko, stay cool and behave yourself. 

Saravanan & Michael, I will miss my random visit to your workstation to say the “grand” hi. 

Ocin and Feeelsyah, you need to look for a new culprit if your wipers are pulled up after this.

Swarup, I am still holding on to your advice,  : when you are pressured, you are developing yourself to become a “diamond”.  I see your point, especially with all the malarkeys out there.

Comply, compliance, “must follow procedure” & mau pegi makan? … usual words from Eunice.

Hasanal, please take care of Alim whenever he’s on the phone.

EHS APAC team, I will miss the random phone calls from Mountain and Dwi.  Random emails from GeonSang & Okado-san, skype messages from Aaron and not to forget our annual workshops and brainstorming sessions to BE Safe. Not to forget SafeStart buddy, Anthony Goonan & EHSIS maestro, Serge, who would never fail to assist whenever in need.

Too many names to mention here, please accept my advance apology if I missed you out.

For the next few months. I will pack my bags and travel the world before I would start another EHS journey.  Hence, from this point onwards, it’s over to you my EHS Ninjas, F & Jess who I believed to have a great sinew for this organisation. 

Nevertheless, “peace out” !!!”

The following week, one of my colleague posted my email on her IG story and tag me.  A little surprised and I left the organisation while she was away.  Tough luck I reckon.

Whatever it is, that weekend, I had a blast weekend and knowing that I have more “me time” and time for family and started doing things I have been wanting to do.

Till next time. Peace Out!!! Continue reading “The Beginning of New Journey”